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As of the 2th of September it has been a full year since I came to Japan and I gotta say it ain't half bad. Many of my fellow soldiers are cooping and adjusting as best they can but for the most part they are going nuts. I, on the other hand, have adjusted very nicely and have thrived artistically.
Back in February my 1st Sargent commissioned me to  come up with a design for the battery shirt and coin. He already had a rough idea of what he wanted which made my job all the more easier. After months of revision and having my ass chewed out we finally came up with a very nice design. It now graces everything in our battery. From binders to folders to wood cut outs and of course the battery coin and shirt. This was my first successful commission but not my last. I have had numerous clients ranging from  privates to Lieutenants from Sargent to Sargent Majors and now I have a commission from the Lieutenant Col to make a battalion coin. Well it is not so much a commission as it is a contest.
The biggest project I am working on right now is for the Sargent Major. He asked a number of us with artistic talent to draw and paint the fourth floor wreck-room in the barracks. It's mainly used for land parties so we decided to go with a Video game theme. We started a few months back and are in now way near done. Plus my fellow artist have expressed that they are drawers not painters which just puts more on my plate. I'm not complaining it just means I have to teach them how to paint so that they can teach those who want to help us paint later when we actually get the paint. Despite this, I am confident that it will look amazing when it is done. I just don't know when "done" will be.
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bluejay02 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sup man. How's that barracks project coming along?
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